At Eutopian we are committed to engage policy makers throughout the EU on the new challenges, while providing governmental organisations and businesses alike guidance on the legal, financial and technological tools needed to successfully implement innovation. We team up with specialised companies and professionals to control innovation risk and ensure minimal disruption.


Eutopian’s main asset is the ability to build a network amongst businesses, public administrations and experts in innovation, sustainable digital transformation and policy making.

Press review

Eutopian provides members with a daily press review on economics, innovation, sustainability, future of work.

Development of project ideas

Submitting an innovative project on a European or national funding call is an activity that requires time and specialised knowledge. A careful preliminary evaluation of the idea and an adequate initial structuring save time and guarantee better results.

Tailor-made training courses

Innovating and developing innovative projects requires the development of high skills and capabilities. Drawing on its network of experts on topics of interest, Eutopian offers training courses on European innovation and design.

Presence at the European institutions

Drawing on a network of public policy experts residing in Brussels, Eutopian offers a representative service for participation in events and for policy maker involvement.