The project

The #Restart project is made up of two interconnected initiatives:

  • a series of webinars and live interviews (2020, 2021), on a weekly basis, on the basic themes of the Association and involving, to the greatest extent possible, Italian and international experts

  • a Decalogue, intended as a collaborative document published on the Association’s web portal at least in Italian and English and open to contributions from all social parties; at the end of a consultation period, the Decalogue will be consolidated and shared with national and European stakeholders

Furthermore, also for the purpose of coordinating the project, Eutopian has set up a Working Group on innovation, enterprises, and public policies, with special attention to the dimensions of sustainability (social, economic, environmental), information security and inter-regional and cross-border interoperability.

Through the #Restart project, Eutopian joins the Digital Republic initiative, by the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation.