Like any crisis, the pandemic is not only destruction, but brings with it the possibility of rethinking the ways of being and doing that we were used to. As Schumpeter teaches, destruction is also creation.

#Restart is a call to arms aimed at everyone, to discuss ideas, launch challenges, identify critical issues, develop proposals around a great topic: how can innovation help us build the “aftermath”? Each of us is asked to offer a contribution.

We have identified ten thematic areas that will constitute the framework within which to think about the “restart”. But of course we are also open to proposals for new themes, to keyword suggestions, to points of view that we had not considered. In other words, to innovation.

It is in this spirit that we invite you to contribute to this document.

For our part, we are committed to collecting and discussing your contributions, also in multiple languages, and to sharing the document, at the end of this public consultation, with European and Italian stakeholders.

Europe is the natural dimension in which to build the future. The crisis has shown that an authentically European sentiment is still to be built, and that the Treaties do not allow for the expression of policies capable of effectively representing the interests of all Member States. Furthermore, many initiatives are not adequately perceived at national level. It is necessary to rethink the Union's system, making economic policy, taxation, defense European powers and strengthening the role of Parliament.