Digital Media Literacy: Building Resilience

Many countries are affected by disinformation when the coronavirus outbreak happened. Unfriendly countries are trying to use the serious and unstable situation to promote their agendas. Numerous information operations have been recognized coming from China and Russia. The list of hostile narratives is long and the disinformation attacks are constant. The pandemic has amplified the need for all of us to be able to confidently navigate online, being able to recognize fake news, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Lithuania is one of the leading countries in Europe in countering disinformation, fake news and information operations. Lithuania’s civic society, namely non-governmental organizations, are directly engaged in countering disinformation and have organized various platforms and initiatives to fight this phenomenon.

The aim of this training session is to encourage people to think critically, become more media literate, to build media literacy and the ability to operate in an environment full of propaganda messages. The speaker will share the exceptional experience in countering disinformation and teach you how to think critically.

Eutopian therefore is partnering with the Civic Resilience Initiative (CRI), a Lithuanian NGO specializing in research on societal resilience, to offer a webinar during which practical methods in recognizing and countering disinformation online will be discussed.