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We think highly of the open-source values and models, and this website is no exception: it is built upon Jekyll and GitHub Pages and the whole source code is available through its GitHub repository, so as to allow everybody to collaborate.

The Jekyll theme is based on the UI Kit and built with Bootstrap Italia, both of which are being continuously improved by the Developer Italia community.

The site is powered by a CircleCi-based continuous integration process and protected by Cloudflare, whose Project Galileo we are proudly part of.

Comments are implemented via Disqus, and are of course always welcome.

Unless otherwise indicated, the contents published on this site (texts, images, photographs, videos, etc.) are made available under the CC-BY 4.0 license, which implies that, unless otherwise specified, they are freely distributable and reusable, as long as the source is always mentioned and—where possible—the web address of the original page is reported.

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