Protocol of Agreement with Open Contracting Partnership and Synapta

Concrete actions for Transparency and Efficiency in Public Procurement

Within our ecosystem Transparency, Open Government and Public Procurement, Eutopian has signed a Protocol of Agreement with Open Contracting Partnership, the leading global initiative on procurement open data, and Synapta, an Italian innovative start-up and one of the most relevant marker players in the linked open data e public procurement landscapes.

All parties agree that transparency, openness, and efficiency in the public procurement sector is a key factor for economic growth, trust, and competitiveness on a global level.

The parties express their will to set up a collaboration relationship aimed at making public contracting fair and effective through the use of open data formats, processes, standards, innovation models.

In order to meet the above objectives Eutopian, OCP and Synapta will collaborate in the following activities:

  • An Open Contracting Assessment, in order to analyse the enabling environment and assess current levels of transparency and accountability in the Italians public procurement complaint system;
  • Systems and data mapping, to provide insight into ways that OCDS could help integrate existing data;
  • Publication of existing datasets with visualizations to facilitate analytics for monitoring procurement performance;
  • Capacity building for participation and feedback, in order to support the use of data by various stakeholder groups, and the use of feedback mechanisms;
  • Monitoring of procurement data quality, sharing metrics and good practices, publishing reports and organizing webinars or other dissemination and awareness events;
  • Documentation and dissemination of implementation results and learning, including but not limited to surveys, interviews, and blog posts.

Read the Protocol of Agreement