Protocol of Agreement with the Italian Blockchain National Observatory

Within our ecosystem financial innovation, fintech and digital markets, Eutopian has signed a protocol of agreement with the Italian Blockchain National Observatory - IBNO, a national initiative born as part of a collaboration between the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Naples Federico II, Italia4Blockchain and Cryptodiamond s.r.l..

IBNO aims at promoting knowledge transfer for managers and entrepreneurs, with reports, scientific paper and courses, creating a shared platform capable of connecting knowledge and experience at different levels (researchers, companies, institutions). Of special interest is the identification of best practices and innovative business models enabled by the introduction of the blockchain.

The dialogue between the university system and the business world is aimed at encouraging the exchange and sharing of knowledge, stimulating innovation and creating long-term collaborations and opportunities for updating and implementing new knowledge.

IBNO is designed as an open and collaborative model, able to offer continuously updated cognitive support to companies, professionals, and experts in the field, for a broader analysis of opportunities and further application developments related to blockchain.