Eutopian joins the National Strategy for Digital Skills

For the first time, Italy has developed a global strategy for digital skills, an essential basis for the implementation of organic, multi-sectoral and effective interventions in an area that is fundamental for the country’s economic and social development.

Developed as part of the Digital Republic initiative, the Strategy is the result of a collaborative approach that has brought together Ministries, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Universities, research institutes, firms, professionals, the national public broadcasting company, associations and various branches of the public sector, as well as organisations belonging to the National Coalition, to which Eutopian contributes through its #Restart project.

There are four “axes” of intervention to the Strategy:

  • Education and Higher Training - for the development of digital skills within the education cycles for young people, with the coordination of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of University and Research.
  • Active workforce - to ensure adequate digital skills in both the private and public sectors, including skills for e-leadership, with the coordination of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Minister for Public Administration.
  • ICT specialist skills - to enhance the country’s ability to develop skills for new markets and new employment opportunities, largely linked to emerging technologies and the possession of the skills necessary for the jobs of the future, with the coordination of Ministry of University and Research and of the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • Citizens - to develop the digital skills necessary to exercise citizenship rights and conscious participation in democratic life, with the coordination of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization (MID).

The goal is to eliminate the gap with other European countries, in general terms of digitization and with respect to the individual axes of intervention, and to break down the digital divide between various areas of our national territory. To achieve this objective, an Operational Plan is drawn up with concrete initiatives, some already underway, others being defined.

Read the decree and the National Strategy for Digital Skills (in Italian).