Protocol of Agreement with Privacy Network

Eutopian has signed a memorandum of understanding with Privacy Network, an Italian non-profit organization that promotes privacy, data protection, and fundamental rights in the digital world, as a means to tackle the challenges of technological innovation.

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11 February 2021

Eutopian joins CONFASSOCIAZIONI, a nationwide umbrella organization of the Federations, Coordinations, Associations, companies, professionals, and people who reside in Italy and in Europe and who perform:

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Protocol of Agreement with the Italian Blockchain National Observatory

Within our ecosystem financial innovation, fintech and digital markets, Eutopian has signed a protocol of agreement with the Italian Blockchain National Observatory - IBNO, a national initiative born as part of a collaboration between the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Naples Federico II, Italia4Blockchain and Cryptodiamond s.r.l..

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7 January 2021
Protocol of Agreement with Open Contracting Partnership and Synapta

Within our ecosystem Transparency, Open Government and Public Procurement, Eutopian has signed a Protocol of Agreement with Open Contracting Partnership, the leading global initiative on procurement open data, and Synapta, an Italian innovative start-up and one of the most relevant marker players in the linked open data e public procurement landscapes.

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23 December 2020
Eutopian endorses the Living in EU Declaration

In times when cities and communities are looking to digital solutions to tackle a growing range of interconnected challenges, we must boost these efforts through a European Way where digital solutions help to create places where people enjoy living and working.

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4 September 2020
European funds: at Eutopian we develop a vision beyond the Next Generation EU

Beyond the Next Generation EU, the EU budget 2021-2027 allocates additional funds as part of the DEP - Digital Europe Programme. Spread over five major pillars (Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Digital Skills, High-Performance Computing, Interoperability), the forthcoming EU calls for digital trasformation are expected to total a whopping 8.2 billion.

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28 August 2020
Protocol of Agreement with CRI

We have proudly signed a new protocol of agreement with Civic Resilience Initiative.

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26 August 2020
Memorandum of understanding with CryptoRivista

We have proudly signed a new memorandum of understanding with CryptoRivista.

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16 August 2020
Eutopian joins the National Strategy for Digital Skills

For the first time, Italy has developed a global strategy for digital skills, an essential basis for the implementation of organic, multi-sectoral and effective interventions in an area that is fundamental for the country’s economic and social development.

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7 August 2020
Memorandum of understanding with Associazione Stampa Romana

We have signed a new memorandum of understanding with Associazione Stampa Romana, the unitary union of journalists who practice their profession in accordance with the law and who reside or who carry out their business in Lazio, Italy. The protocol calls for a shared commitment to develop professional training courses on innovation, digital transformation, and European planning.

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6 August 2020
Memorandum of understanding with Italia4Blockchain

We are pleased to announce the new memorandum of understanding between Eutopian and Italia4Blockchain, aimed at advanced researching and training on blockchain and DLT technologies.

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1 June 2020
Here is what Immuni will look like: interview for Open

The Italian newspaper Open interviews our president Roberto Reale to glean a few insights about the software architecture of the Italian exposure notification app, Immuni. At the time of the interview, the app is not yet available and we had to rely exclusively on what could be deduced by examining the source code itself.

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18 May 2020
Eutopian ensorses the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication

Eutopian officially endorses the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication, a commitment of shared responsibility to create a respectful and civilized Internet space that represents us and offers a sense of security. Written and adopted by a community of over 300 communicators, bloggers and influencers, it is a charter of 10 practical principles guiding online behaviour.

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9 May 2020
Europe Day 2020

70 years after the Schuman Declaration, Europe is still to be designed, strengthened and enlarged.

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8 May 2020
Joining the Repubblica Digitale initiative

Through our #Restart project, Eutopian joins Repubblica Digitale, a national national strategic initiative promoted by the Department for digital transformation of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and by the Minister for technological innovation and digitisation with the aim of fighting the digital cultural divide throughout Italy, of supporting maximum digital inclusion, and of encouraging education on digital technologies.

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22 April 2020
Protocollo d'intesa con P4C – Prepare for Change

Eutopian ha firmato oggi un protocollo d’intesa con P4C – Prepare for Change, associazione senza fine di lucro che promuove attività di ricerca e sviluppo buone pratiche nel campo dell’innovazione a servizio dello sviluppo dei territori e delle politiche pubbliche. P4C ha come mission: anticipare i cambiamenti globali, attraverso analisi e interpretazioni della società, preparando comunità e territori al governo delle trasformazioni e dei processi di innovazione, in chiave di sostenibilità, equità e responsabilità sociale. P4C, l’acronimo del nome Prepare for change, rappresenta la volontà di determinare un futuro migliore attraverso la capacità di leggere e prevedere gli effetti del cambiamento e dell’innovazione sulle vite delle persone.

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18 February 2020
2SÌ per Regioni e Comuni

Eutopian endorses the Manifesto 2SÌ (Twice-Yes Manifesto) proposed by the Italian non-profit organization Stati Generali dell’Innovazione as basic programmatic lines for the Italian Regions and Municipalities where elections will be held in spring 2020.

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3 February 2020
Digital Competences Manifesto

Eutopian endorses the Digital Competences Manifesto developed by ALL DIGITAL, an international association based in Brussels whose aim is the development of digital competences.

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