Eutopian is a non-profit, independent, inclusive, and open observatory on democratic innovation, which is meant both as innovation within a democratic context and as innovation of democracy, recognizing that the two aspects are inseparable from each other, and are pivotal for a digital society model in which humans retain their centrality. Eutopian focuses on the digital revolution in its various aspects: technological, scientific, economic, legal, social, cultural, political.

Eutopian cares about the development of a healthy political debate around our foundational topics, whilst being strictly non-partisan. One of our goals is the proposal of concrete and feasible policies to improve national and European perspectives, whilst being aware of the complexity of a rapidly changing world.

The fundamental directions of Eutopian’s activity are:

  • monitoring and promotion of technological innovation and its social, economic, political consequences;
  • the conscious involvement of the citizens in the present time, also through dialogue with institutions, and in particular the new models of citizenship, also through the study of enabling technologies;
  • the dissemination of international experiences of creating open / smart communities in terms of quality of services, sustainable development, application of new technologies, digital transformation of processes and development of new models of economic growth;
  • the promotion of active participation in the processes of democratic innovation and digitalization, deepening technological, economic, social, ethical, managerial and cooperation aspects;
  • the policymaker engagement and the dialogue with the institutions and with the intermediate bodies of the democratic debate (parties, unions, think tanks), and in particular the diffusion of democratic innovation among administrators and in the public administration;
  • the sharing of possible benefits, opportunities and cooperation models that can arise from innovation processes;
  • security and protection of personal data, and in general the protection of digital identity;
  • inclusion, diversity, leadership development.

Eutopian operates through “collective thinking”, dissemination events, partnerships with similar realities at local, national, European and global level.