Roberto Alma

Chief Legal Officer

As the founder of KBL Law, Roberto Alma assists companies, investment funds, and private investors in Commercial and Corporate Law, M&As and Extraordinary Operations, Real Estate, IT and New Technology Law, Privacy and Data Protection Law, Intellectual Property.

In recent years Roberto has provided assistance to companies and investors operating mainly in the IT and New Technologies, Real Estate, Startup and innovative companies, Food & Beverage sectors.

In addition to his professional activity, Roberto is also assisting Professor Claudia Tedeschi’s chair of Commercial Law at the University of Rome La Sapienza - Latina branch.

Roberto is also interested in programming (Python and Javascript) and actively contributes to innovative Legal Tech projects in the areas of document automation, predictive justice, and Natural Language Processing in the legal field.

He is cofounder and curator of the blog Ius in Action. He is also cofounder of the Italian Association For Machine Learning (IAML) association.

Member of the IT Commission established at the Bar Association of Rome.

He deliver keynotes at national conferences on a regular basis.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French