Roberta Centonze

Roberta Centonze is an innovation broker who worked for industrial and agricultural sectors, both from the academic and the entrepreneurial perspectives. She has developed a specific expertise in digital training solutions and has delivered training to project managers, cultural institutions, enterprise CEOs. From her background in Planning and Management of Agricultural resources (5 year Course) and PhD in Agricultural Economics and Policy at the University of Bologna, she continued with a master degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development from the Imperial College of London and to specialise in green financing design at the Nyenrode University.

She worked as a researcher at the University of Bologna, dealing with formal and informal institutions, in the management of common goods, and food supply chain models (2000-2007). As independent consultant, she fulfilled the ambitious task of brokering industry - academia and public administration, to carry on innovative projects on regional, national and EU funding schemes, covering several sectors from ICT, health, agriculture and environment. She managed 3 EIP operational groups, 3 LIFE projects, 2 FP7 Projects, 3 H2020 and has provided strategic consultancy to several public and private institutions towards the access to EU funding schemes. She has trained Master and PhD graduates to EU proposal preparations as well as to start-ups development. As part of agrathaer GmbH team she also is involved in the project StratKIT (INTERREG Baltic Sea Region) SusCAP (ERANET), Foodshift (H2020).

Italian mother-tongue, she speaks English and German.