Eva Bredariol

Business networks, University and Research

Lawyer, Ph.D. in International Law, Private and Labour Law - address in Private Law in the European dimension - with a thesis on business networks.

Degree, Specialization and Doctorate from the University of Padua.

For a decade, she has been an expert on the subject at some chairs of the School of Law of the University of Padua.

Authorship of several publications with contributions in Guidelines, legal manuals and essays on the topic of business networks.

Authorship of the commentary on some articles in Commentario Breve al Codice Civile edited by G. Cian.

Participation, in the last decade, in conferences, seminars, training activities, with lectures in various second level masters throughout Italy on the topic of business networks.

She is a freelancer business lawyer, specialising in corporate networks and inter-entrepreneurial aggregation phenomena.

She was a legal consultant for Confindustria at a national level in the first seven years of Retimpresa.

She was a consultant in University Research Projects.

She is a consultant for various territorial associations of business representatives.

She is a legal consultant for the creation of corporate networks and the drafting of contracts, with a particularly creative and innovative spirit, author of several national “first practice” networks.

On the assumption that science, in order to make real progress, needs an environment ready to welcome the new truth, she believes that networks can be an environment suitable for welcoming new truths or at least they can represent a useful tool to encourage their acceptance. And this is how the interest and experience gained in the networks led her to propose and create the first network of companies in Italy between 2018 and 2019 to manage the adoption of the blockchain within an agri-food chain, but that first case was meant to be just the beginning…