Davide Maniscalco

Board Member

Davide Maniscalco, cassation lawyer, has gained significant experience in commercial and corporate law, as well as in business contracts, in corporate groups in the wholesale and retail trading, logistics, transport & management sector, also taking on important management roles.

During his professional experience he has come to master the relationship between law and information society technologies and then he has paid particular attention to information security topics, acquiring transversal skills in legal information technology, digital governance, cybersecurity and business continuity (CFCP), data protection and privacy.

He holds the first level Master’s degree in document digitization and privacy, earned at the UniTelma Sapienza University of Rome.

Moreover, he is:

  • an ethical hacker from Digiconnect and Geeks Academy Europe, as well as their territorial contact in Sicily and teacher;
  • partner and author of the online magazine ofcs.report, of which he is responsible for the cyber section, defense analysis, monitoring, and national security issues;
  • certified functional continuity professional (CFCP) DRII International;
  • registered in the appropriate lists for privacy professionals of the Anorc Association, for which he is also a Territorial Referent;
  • co-founder partner and of counsel of the Business Innovation Development Department of Studio Viola.

He is also a member of entities and networks such as Confcommercio Professions, Democracy in the Rules, FuturLab, Anorc Professions, Manageritalia, MicroLab and D&L Net of the Lisi Law Firm.