Claudia Sandei

Claudia Sandei is Associate Professor of Technology Law and Corporate Law at the University of Padova, Director of Innovation and Technology Law Lab (ITLL), Co-founder and Managing Director of the Digital Law Network (DNL). Qualified Lawyer since 2008, after graduating in Law in Padova in 2003, Prof. Sandei got a Ph. D. at the University of Ferrara in 2009. Besides IT Law, her areas of legal expertise include Corporate Law and IP Law. Author of two books on the impact of Technology on Corporate Governance in listed companies and author of many papers, Lecturer in many foreign Universities (Budapest, Leeds, Nottingham, Barcelona, etc.), Member of the Faculty of the PhD Programme in Corporate Law and Professor of EU Company Law at UACS (Skopie, MK). Member of the editorial board of some of the most important Law Journals in Italy, Prof. Sandei has been in the Panel of the 2018 ELI Conference (Digital Law SIG) as one of the most renowned experts of IT Law in Italy.