Antonio Barbieri

Project Manager at AgID, where he supports the National Planning Office within the territorial agreements stipulated between AgID and Regions, Municipalities, and Metropolitan Cities. He also manages the Safety Ecosystem through the development of the IT-Alert project together with the National Civil Protection Department, in order to create a warning platform for the Italian population in case of danger.

In previous years he worked as an employee at corporations such as Telecom Italia, ,Sistemi Informativi, HP; afterwards, as a consultant, he worked at Consip, University of L’Aquila and the Special Office for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila.

In addition to having carried out activities in the field of innovation and digital transformation, he is a CTU (technical-legal consultant) for the Public Prosecutors of L’Aquila, Avezzano, and Tivoli.

He founded and currently runs, a platform for electronic invoicing and document conservation services.