Alessandro Scardovi

Management engineer with a passion for innovation and classic art, on my ideal day you can find me admiring a work by Chagall after designing business solutions that have the ambition to “break the mold”.

In my professional career I have gained extremely varied experiences in Italy and abroad, moving from multi-national companies operating in the Business Consultancy area (mainly in the telecommunications sector) to charity and voluntary projects with the Italian National Red Cross and - again - through small private entrepreneurial realities (mainly in engineering) and the large para-statal corporate at the Poste Italiane Group (where I have been working in business development and business intelligence since 2014).

With reference to the areas of expertise, the experiences gained have allowed me to acquire skills in strategy, business development and project management by developing knowledge both in the sphere of general management and in the technical one.

Last but not least, in January 2019 I contributed to a private initiative relating to an Innovative Startup operating in the B2B sector, an initiative in which I took part in all the preparatory activities for the launch of the service (ie, business design, definition of the strategy, communication, marketing, partner relations and institutional relations).